About Us

Afiyo Creations is an accessory brand that produces bespoke beaded  acessories  and  fabric accessories

The brand started as a hobby in the early months of the year 2011 and was officially registered as a business on December 2012.

Materials used for production are collected from koforidua, Somanya and Dodowa in the eastern region of Ghana. Due to the nature of our work and the design create , we import beads from other countries

The Company

Afiyo creations started after the founder recognized the need for ladies to use handmade accessories produced locally and  the gap in the use of foreign accessories as compared to local ones. This made her come up with ideas to design bespoke accessories that can be worn both locally and internationally.

The company is located at Dome –Accra. The business operates from her home and sold via social media (facebook, instagram..) and at shopping festivals. Afiyo creations stocks in a shop at a  Osu and plans on increasing the number of shops to stock.

The company has a creative director, three production workers and a sales  representative who handle customers and also do delivery.

The Market

It is interesting how the jewelry industry is increasing within a short period. Some designer imitate and sell locally whiles others also research to produce bespoke pieces that can be sold in and out of the country. Also some entrepreneurs  fund and employ people to produce accessories that can be distributed locally and to other countries.

Our Objectives

  • Our main objective is to make the use of jewelleries friendly to ladies and men
  • Increase the number of accessories we produce monthly for distribution.
  • To develop a profitable and sustainable business from operating from home.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create innovative  accessories that can attract both local and foreign clients.